JavaScript #9 — Variables Types

These JavaScript articles are written for people who are interested in coding and are meant to provide an introduction to the programming world.

You are going to learn what are the primitive types in Javascript.

Variable Types

There is a couple of primitive types in JavaScript. The main primitive types in JavaScript are:

  • undefined — indicates that value is not provided, so the type cannot be identified
  • number — a type of variable stores a whole or decimal number
  • text —a type of variable stores a string value
  • boolean — type of variable stores or values

The primitive types are defined as raw types that are the basic building blocks of a programming language.

Empty variables

Empty variable or undefined variables have value. An value is of the type.

let name1
let name2 = undefined

Try to run the code above.

Final words

This was a short introduction to different types of variables in JavaScript. The next steps are to explore numeric, string, and boolean variables.

Next Steps

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