JavaScript for Beginners


JavaScript #1 — What is programming

JavaScript #2 — Setup

JavaScript #3 — Hello, World!

JavaScript #4 — Your first program

JavaScript #5 — Syntax

JavaScript #6 — Defining Variables

JavaScript #7 — Using Variables

JavaScript #8 — Mastering Variables

JavaScript #9 — Variable Types

JavaScript #10 — Numeric Variables

JavaScript #11 — String Variables

JavaScript #12 — Boolean Variables

JavaScript #13 — Conditional If/Else

JavaScript #14 — Arrays

JavaScript #15 — Loops

JavaScript #16 — Functions

…and more to come…


I have been trying to explain programming to people who never wrote a single line of code. It is somewhat easy to understand the basic concept, but it becomes a more complicated task when people want to move from a theoretical level to actual coding.

There is no quick and easy way to learn how to write programs. It is an iterative activity where you read a bit, understand it, write some code, experiment with the code, break the code, and fix the code. Then you move on to another piece of information and repeat it until you are able to think of how would you solve a real world issue using a programming language.

I am not saying there is no book for complete beginners, just that there are many books that claim that they are for beginners but those are actually meant for programmers who already know a language and are beginners in JavaScript.

These tutorials are not comprehensive manuals for JavaScript. Instead, they focus on explaining a concept and do a little bit of coding to understand it.

Yes, you will become annoyed many times while learning to code or actually while coding as well. But there is a sweet feeling of achievement every time you make it through and compose a code that does something that you want.